About Us


TEXTSYLS.ca is a Home-based business registered in B.C. Canada and we are an independent manufacturer of unique handcrafted fabric items.


Our goal is to produce some of the best handmade fabrics we possibly can, using methods that have existed for centuries.


The fabrics are created from a variety of processes, i.e. Collection, Selection, Dyeing, Spinning, and Weaving, which all culminate in the end product.


Yarn is handpicked and selected for the best quality. Fabric dyeing is occasionally used to create beautiful colors, gradients, and washes which craft a lot of uniqueness into our products, which is what we strive for.


After this, It is hand-spun into yarn which in turn is threaded through countless heddles and finally woven into the end product.


As more and more technology invades our space and personal freedoms, it is comforting to know ancient methods of manufacturing cloth can still be used to craft unique one-of-a-kind items which have been put together with a lot of love and attention to detail.


Our products are all environmentally safe and are sustainable products made in Canada. they do not pollute or affect climate change in any way, even after it has been discarded, they will always give back to the earth and help the planet survive.

Christine Kraushar

I have been weaving on a floor loom for about 10 years and have attended and passed 3 weaving workshops and a fabric dying course. 


My favourite part of the whole process is design. Ideas for a project can come from almost anywhere, magazines, the internet, floor tiles in a mall, upholstery fabric, fashion design. The interplay of colours in a photograph, or flowers in the garden.  The shades of the natural colours in blooming flowers, or leaves. I use all of these to foster my creations.

- Christine

Eldon Kraushar

I Manage the everyday running of the business by wearing many hats, Web Design, Accountant, Marketing, Photography, and Shipping. What started out as a retirement project, has turned into a full time job and gives me plenty to do and lets put some of my skills to work now that I am retired.

I was also concerned that if I did nothing we would have no place store all the stuff Christine makes. helpus out and buy something, please?

- Eldon