• Christine K.

Bath Towel Quest

My quest to make a better bath towel.

I am on a quest to weave a good Bath Towel.

I currently have a sample warp on the loom threaded in Swedish Lace and using different weft threads including: 8/2 cotton, cotton slub, cotton chenille, cotton boucle, for starters.

I will take some of that sample off the loom & wet finish it. After it is dry, I will scrutinize for issues I do not find attractive in a Bath Towel. I will then go back to the loom & see what else I should try with this sample. Perhaps I’ll tighten the sett up more. The sett is how closely you space the warp yarns together, or apart.

I may not find what I’m really after on this, but I will have gained a lot of knowledge from this sample & I will advance my progress for the Perfect Bath Towel.

On another front, I have a lot of Pulled Sari Silk I am working my way through spinning on my e-spinner.

I find I really enjoy spinning the sari silk. When its’ all finished, I just might dye some of it!

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