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Fibre or Fiber Content

Updated: May 4

Well, I can certainly tell you what it is NOT.

It is NOT Microfiber. Think about the word: Micro = tiny; Fiber = ??Fiber??

Micro Fiber is not Fiber Content.

So if Fiber Content, or Cloth Content is important to you for whatever reason Microfiber does not give you an answer.

Fiber is: Cotton, Flax/Linen, Silk, Wool, Alpaca, Bamboo, Hemp, Jute, Cashmere, Mohair, Tencel™, Lyocel and Polyester.

Excuse me if I missed a couple. There is even Rose fiber, from - yes! Rose bushes!

So, what then is Microfiber? Probably Polyester or Polyester Nylon, a byproduct of the oil industry. Don't be deluded.

People have been misled and confused by the advertisers. They really annoy me.

Satin is not a fiber, it is a Weave.

Corduroy is not a fiber, it is a Weave.

Twill is not a fiber, it is a Weave.

The original Satin was woven from …..SILK.

The original Velvet was woven from ….. SILK

I can weave corduroy from Cotton, or from Wool. Yup. I. Can.

I can weave Velvet from Tencel.

I can weave Satin from Silk or Cotton or Tencel or Linen, because Satin is a Weave.

You need a very special loom to weave Jacquard. Which is extremely Beautiful.

Please don't let others who may try to have you believe a Weave Structure is a Fiber/Fibre.

The two are Miles Apart.

The other one is China Silk, which is often shown as a Polyester.

China Silk is a plain weave light weight silk cloth originally from (you guessed it) China.

Hopefully I have enlightened you to know your fiber/fabrics a little better.

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