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Food For Thought

Recently, on one of the Social Media places I belong, there was a poll: What is your favourite part of Weaving?

Food for Thought.

I LOVE planning! Even though sometimes you need to make decisions you're not mentally ready for….but the planning part is directly related to the Inspiration Part.

I Enjoy the math even (who'd a thunk it?). Sometimes the details are a rabbit hole you need to pull yourself back out of.

I enjoy Winding Warps, although sometimes tedious….

I enjoy Beaming my Loom… next up! Anticipation of beginning a new project, or Revisiting a much Loved Project from the past.

Threading….it's part of the process, not a Loved part, but sometimes it feels good to thread.

WEAVING! Throwing the Shuttle….. Seeing the Cloth being produced! All those threads interlacing and becoming cloth.

For ITS' ALL CLOTH. It MUST BE CLOTH FIRST, or its' (to me) useless.

Cloth has Integrity, and must Not be Sleazy, else, what good is it?

I cannot allow myself to produce uselessness. It's not in my nature.

Once cloth is being produced, I am in Zen!

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