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What have I done? Well, I've woven a series of scarves, towels, cowls, table napkins and cloth.

I've woven enough cloth to sew pillows, bags, purses, 2 vests, and 4 skirts and I'm proud of them.

One time I heard one weaver tell another "It's Just Cloth"… JUST CLOTH! You can do ANYTHING with CLOTH! Handwoven Cloth is the BEST!

I'm proud of Everything I weave, even the lemons. This thing about lemons is you get to make Lemonade! Making "lemonade" is IMHO good for your brain, makes it work!

It also keeps your feet on the ground, and your head on your shoulders. ;)

I recently wove some Extra Large Towels and used cotton chenille in the weft. When I first removed them after the wash-dry I was thoroughly disgusted!

Once I calmed down and looked at them critically I realized they weren't a "total failure"; but I also realized the lessons to be learned. Sett can be Critical, and I found to my chagrin, that cotton chenille needed a tighter sett than I had used. I also realized the weave structure was not the "best choice" for cotton chenille, or the cotton chenille was not the best choice for the weave structure I chose. There was/is nothing wrong with the yarn, it was the application.

Now instead of Extra Large Towels, I have some very soft & squishy Cloth; which could be put to 'other uses' and it's up to me to decide what that will be. Perhaps there's a pillow or 2 shortly?

I also have some more handwoven cloth waiting for me to decide what it will become; I have an idea germinating … Stay tuned ...

Meanwhile, back at the loom: there is currently a cotton/wool warp that I'm weaving doubleweave on 8 shafts to become a blanket/throw. It's a rainbow of colours (what I had on hand) with a somewhat neutral weft in blue and blue/green. I did pull off a short sample and wet finished that. I am pleased with how the sample finished out so I am forging ahead. :)

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