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Makers of Cloth

Many of us "makers" have full time jobs as well. I am one of those.

I work 8 hours a day 5 days a week in an office.

What I do here is my "part-time" work. I don't want to call it a job, but it is work.

That's not a complaint! That's reality. That doesn't mean it's not work you enjoy.

I certainly do Enjoy! As I tell people, it keeps me out of mischief. ;o

There are So Many Things I Want to Create! And also, there are So Many Rabbit Trails to Follow. How do you choose? How do you know which Rabbit Trail to go down?

That to me is The Big Dilemma. Just because I think that xx would be a neat thing to do; would it really?? What purpose could it serve (other than filling my time)? Could it be a useful item someone would want? Other than me?

One thing I would really like to do, for myself, is weave a nice bath towel, just for me.

Because I can.

I also would like to weave more cloth, not just because I can, but because I like to sew garments, clothing.

I also like to spin yarn. I have a small flock of spindles I enjoy. ;o

I also have a new E-spinner that will do 2,150 RPM (wow!) yup. At the moment I am spinning on it some lovely sari silk sliver. Repurposed loom waste from weaving sari's. It's cool; it's slubby.

I like Slub. The following are a few great cloths that have slub: Linen; Dupioni Silk, Shantung, Tweed (as in Donegal Tweed) Tussah Silk (wild silk moths) and also Silk Noil.

See why I like slub? These are all Amazing Cloths.

When I weave I am making Cloth. I would Love to make some Amazing Cloth; maybe someday I will.

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