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Thread Count?

Updated: May 4

Monday, April 5, 2021

7:07 AM

Recently my husband (sweetheart) & I bought a new set of sheets.

He wanted the ones with the thread count of 725. I felt them , they seemed good.

They were on Sale! Always a bonus!

When we got home I looked at the sheets we already have (and we have always liked those sheets) They are a thread count of 625.

The numbers sound pretty good, don’t they? But really, the numbers can be misleading.

As a Weaver I understand these numbers quite well.

To get a higher thread count you have to have finer threads to pack that higher number in the same amount of space - 1 Inch. Makes sense right? Well….

Finer threads will mean, a lighter weight product. If that’s what you want, great! But maybe the higher the number does not necessarily mean the more you like it. Maybe you don’t want a lighter weight sheet; maybe you like that more robust feel to your sheets. Sheets are a very personal item. Also, the lighter weight sheets could wear out sooner? Think of the physical side of things, you roll around on them & throw them in the laundry the washer & the dryer. The dryer can be hard on cloth.

Don’t get confused or ‘caught up’ in the numbers. Get the sheets that feel the most comfortable to you. If 625 is the number, then get the 625, even if 725 might sound more enticing. It’s all about the cloth, and how does the cloth feel to you. If you are quite sensitive, the higher count could be more important. But it could also come with the risk of wearing out a little sooner? Hmm…. Food for Thought.

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